Author Goeran B Johansson

I am a retired teacher in Music and Swedish language who served in the Cyprus UN forces from 1967 to 68. In 2010 I  started to write and publish books. That is my primary profession. 


Besides, I also work as a trustee and legal guardian on behalf of the superintendent units in my region of Sweden.


I have traveled a lot and lived in different countries in Southeast Asia for a long time. Mainly in the Philippines.

In my authorship, my primary interests are philosophy, religion,  world history, political ideologies, and the global struggle for power.  


But also fiction, and of my most recent works is the novel" Dating Site" about a Swede traveling around  South East Asia. In Addition, a book titled" Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace."


Moreover, I am enthusiastic about chess and its strategic thinking. In Addition, I am a  multi-instrumentalist and play piano, violin, classical guitar, and various accordions at a high level.

My most recently published book

Paperback Pocket Barnes & Noble Four star review

E-book Kobo Rakuten four star review


Johan has a boring life out in the country. He is lonely, unemployed, and no longer noticeably young.

One day he is asked to apply for a job as a data administrator on a dating site. When he checks his intended workplace, his interest in seeking contact with women online is aroused.

He falls for a charming young woman named Doralel. The interest is mutual.

So, Johan travels to Manila, where Doralel lives. But already, on the very first day, he is subjected to attempted kidnapping. He begins to suspect that Doralel is behind ... "


Fascinating, instructive, creatively multifaceted


That is the author Goeran B Johansson's debut novel. It is about Johan, who, after he has become a pensioner, feels lonely and bored in a small town in Sweden. With the help of dating sites on the Net, he finds opportunities to fill his life with meaning and adventure.

The author describes Johan's adventures in Southeast Asia, mainly in the Philippines, with partly shorter events interspersed with more extended descriptions of the people, culture, and exotic, sometimes passionate, and warm love encounters with the country's women he meets and starts relationships with.

We get to follow Johan on several trips to the land of many islands. Goeran B has a very empathetic and passionate language, and the love and eroticism that Johan encounters during his travels are described in an incomparably versatile and varied way.

All the erotic encounters depicted are mixed with the culture, living conditions, and people. Johan survives alone in dangerous situations and is robbed and exploited by beautiful but cunning women.

by Svetlana Granli  on September 23, 2022